SlicingDice's Features and Capabilities

Whatever pricing model you choose, you will still get all these features and capabilities below.

SlicingDice's General Features
Totally Cloud-based and Serverless - No Hardware Needed Included
High Quality Technical Support Included
Simple and Transparent Price - Totally pay-per-use Included
Always-free test databases Included
No upfront commitment. No lock-in. Included
Excellent technical documentation and free training Included
Full visibility on the product's roadmap Included

SlicingDice's Logical Data Warehouse
Totally serverless - Nothing to configure, manage or monitor Included
Query Data Directly from the Sources (without making ETL) Included
Query Other Databases (cloud and on-premises) Directly Include
Query Online Services like Salesforce Directly Included
Query Log Files Stored on Object Stores Included
Number of Data Sources 150+
Number of Parallel Queries Unlimited *
Connection to BI tools like Tableau and Qlikview Included
SQL Integration using JDBC, ODBC Drivers Included
SlicingDice's Excel add-in Included

SlicingDice's Physical Data Warehouse
Totally serverless - Nothing to configure, manage or monitor Included
Infinite Scale Data Storage Included
Free Data Storage Unlimited *
Runs on major cloud providers(AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba, OVH) Included
Automatic Replication, Backup and High Availability Included
Automatic Data Encryption Included
No Data Partitioning Needed Included
No Index Creation Needed Included
Full Schema Flexibility Included
Supports Normalized and Denormalized Data Modeling Included
Transparent Capacity Increase Included
Real time / Streaming Data Insertion Included
Powerful Insertion and Query Throughput Unlimited
Public Query SLA - Queries under 10 seconds Included
Make queries using simple JSON (via API) Included
Column & Row-level Security Control Included
Full Queries and Actions Auditing Included *
Save Queries Included
Configure Query Cache Included

SlicingDice's ETL & Data Preparation Module
Totally serverless ETL - No server to configure or monitor Included
Number of Available Data Sources 150+
Automatic Data Loading Included
Load Data from Other Databases (cloud and on-premises) Included
Load Data from Online Services like Salesforce Included
Load Data from Log Files Stored on Object Stores Included
Automatic Data Synchonization Included
Transformations using SQL Commands Included
Automatic Data Offloading Included
Visual Data Preparation Included

SlicingDice's BI & Data Visualization Modules
Totally serverless - No installation or configuration needed Included
User-friendly Business Intelligence Included *
Powerful Dashboard Creation Tool Included *
Schedule Reports by Email Included
Embeddable Charts & Dashboards Included *
Granular Data Access Permission Included
Integration with External BI Tools Included
SlicingDice's Excel add-in Included

SlicingDice's Machine Learning Module
Totally serverless - Nothing to configure, manage or monitor Included
User-friendly Model Creation Interface Included
Infinite Parallel Jobs Included *
Supervised Learning Included
Unsupervised Learning Included
Exportable Models Included
Automatic Optimization for Model Selection Included
Complex Workflows Automation Included
Convert Workflows into Reusable Scripts Included
Classification and Regression Included
Trees Algorithms Included
Ensemble Creation Included
Logistic Regressions Algorithms Included
Deepnets Algorithms Included
Time series Forecasting Included
Cluster Analysis Included
Anomaly Detection Included
Topic Modeling Included
Association Discovery Included
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Included

SlicingDice's API
Complete and Updated Documentation Included
Create, Update and Delete Databases via API Included
Create, Update and Delete Users via API Included
Create, Update and Delete Permission Groups via API Included
Create, Update and Delete Columns via API Included
Insert Data via API Included
Run SQL Queries via API Included
Run JSON Queries via API Included
Guaranteed Backwards Compatibility Included
Official Python Client/Library Included
Official Java Client/Library Included
Official JavaScript Client/Library Included
Official .NET/C# Client/Library Included
Official Go Client/Library Included
Official Ruby Client/Library Included
Official PHP Client/Library Included

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