Real-time visualization

As data is generated and accessed by SlicingDice, it is also detected by our Data Visualization tool, showing real-time information on any of your visualizations. Users are able to draw instant insights and act as fast as possible on any related issue.

Data and edits too

Any changes done to visualizations themselves - new filters, orders, colors, calculations, etc - are also applied in real-time. This means information is always up-to-date for anyone viewing your charts.

As fast as you need

If for some reason, you need visualizations to be updated at different, regular intervals - or even manually - you can also set that up with a couple of eclicks. Each object can have its own settings for this and every other option in SlicingDice.


Share and collaborate

With a couple of clicks, you can share a URL for any visualization with anyone you need - inside or outside the organization. URL can be personalized and visualizations can be whitelabelled, to ensure it fits in your organizations’ needs.

Privacy guaranteed

You can add IP whitelists and passwords directly to visualizations, if you need to ensure privacy to them. Use this for internal and external assets that must be private or locked/unlocked, as these setting can be changed at any time.

Filters, drill-downs, embedded objects

There are many capabilities and custom details for creating visualizations. End users can interact with ready visualizations, too ! Check the example below for drill-downs, downloads, filters and more.


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