General Advantages

Not directly related to technology, but still very important.

Unlimited and Free Data Storage

By selecting our pay-per-column pricing model, you can store as much data (rows) as you need without increasing costs, as you are only charged by the number of columns you have, not by the volume of data you insert.

Read more about our proprietary database technology

Simple and Transparent Price - Totally pay-per-use

We give you the flexibility to select between two difference pricing models, pay-per-gigabyte stored or pay-per-column. If you don't know what is the best option for your case, our platform can select the cheapest one for you.

Check the pricing models

Always-free test databases

You don't have to pay anything to test how SlicingDice works. You can use the test database for free.

Read about the test database

No upfront commitment. No lock-in.

You can cancel your SlicingDice account and fully export your data at any time. You simply need to delete your database, so you will no longer be charged in the following month.

Check how to export your data

Our documentation is our product

If you don't understand how to use SlicingDice, it's our fault, not yours. With that in mind we work very hard to make our documentation as clear and complete as possible, so you can have a pleasant time developing new things on top of SlicingDice.

Check the SlicingDice Docs

Dev to Dev conversations

Have a problem or didn't like something? You can always speak with someone that clearly understand what you are saying. We encourage our developers to directly support our customers, so they can clearly feel what are your needs and expectations.

Check the SlicingDice's team

We like money, but developers tell the truth.

As a company that was built and is managed by developers, we know that good ones always tell the truth to each other. So we are not willing to lie or make promisses we can't deliver just to get more customers.

We will not compete with you

We are fully focused on building the fastest, easiest and cheapest all-in-one data warehouse. Differently from other cloud providers, we don't compete with our customers, we support them.

Need a feature? We will build it.

One of the biggest SlicingDice's strengths as a company is our ability to build new things very fast, while still maintaining high quality and platform stability. So if you need something that we don't have, simply talk to us.

No hidden agenda

We like to constantly share our business plans and features roadmap publicly, so all our customers can always guide us in the right direction. Every quarter we publish our desired roadmap and collect feedbacks before committing to the final plan.

Technical Management Advantages

Features that are good for engineer's peace of mind.

Totally serverless - No server to manage.

Forget about infrastructure provisioning. We are a serverless solution that can run on any cloud, which means you don’t need to worry about infrastructure at all. SlicingDice was built for you to spend your valuable time generating insights and value for your business, not managing infrastructure.

Learn more about the reasons for selecting a serverless solution

Built-in Replication, Backup and High Availability

Simply select what cloud provider you prefer and the region where you want your database to be deployed. Your database will be deployed in 3 different regions that operate simultaneously in a high-availability configuration. That means that even if two data centers fail, our service will continue to support data insertion and querying.

Read more about our Speed & Infrastructure

Zero Maintenance Necessities

On SlicingDice you simply need to insert your data and query it using SQL or our REST API. There is no maintenance for you to worry about, no tuning, no index creation, no tweaking databases. Nothing. We do all the work for you.

Transparent Capacity Increase

Did your data volume increase from one moment to another? No problem, SlicingDice transparently handles volume increases, you don't need to do anything about it.

Ready-to-use Client Libraries

We want SlicingDice to be as easy as possible to integrate with your systems. That's why we created native clients in popular programming languages, like: Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET/C#, Go and Arduino.

Check all Client Libraries

Guaranteed backwards compatibility

SlicingDice's technology and API were designed to always maintain backwards compatibility, so any implementation using our API will always work, no matter how long it takes for the company to upgrade the code.

Full-service platform. No shared responsibility.

By using SlicingDice you don't have to work with many companies and connect different technologies in order to achieve your goal. SlicingDice provides pipeline/ETL, data warehouse, data visualization and BI capabilities, everything integrated in a single platform.

Easily move out from SlicingDice

You can quickly and easily export all your data from SlicingDice at any time, with no extra costs. We work hard to make you very happy, but anytime you wanna go, no problem. We will never create difficulties in order to prevent you from moving to other technology.

Data Insertion and Loading Advantages

Everything you need to quickly insert new data or load existing datasets.

Well-documented REST API

You can leverage our easy-to-use and well-documented REST API to have full flexibility and control for inserting your data on SlicingDice. It really takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to insert data on SlicingDice.

Check the docs about How to Insert Data

Easy Data Loading & Sync

If you already have your data stored somewhere, you can use one of our 100 data sources connectors to easily make the initial load and also set the periodic incremental updates, without writing a single line of code.

Read more about the Data Loading & Sync

No data partitioning needed

You don't have to spend days thinking how to split or model your data in order to store it on SlicingDice. Simply insert your data the way it is and we automatically handle the data partitioning and sharding for you.

Full schema flexibility

Want to delete or add a new column for your table and database? No problem, simply create the columns you need and start inserting data for it right away. You don't need to do anything else.

Streaming Inserts

You can batch load or stream your data to SlicingDice the same way, there is no special configuration or additional costs. All data inserted on SlicingDice is available for querying within 5 seconds after arriving on our servers.

Powerful Insertion Throughput

Had an increase on your data volume? No problem, our infrastructure is dimensioned to support as much as 90 Billion new data insertions per day and can automatically handle capacity increase when necessary.

Data Security

We take data security very seriously. Although the service speed and cost are very important factors, we clearly understand that nothing is more important than keeping your data private and safe.

Learn more about our Security & Compliance

Ready-to-use Integrations

We are constantly building new plug-ins and integrations with well-known data collection services and tools to make it easy for you to store your data on SlicingDice. Leverage our existing integrations immediately.

Check out our list of integrations

Data Analysis Advantages

Everything you need to quickly query, explore and visualize your data.

Queries under 10 seconds. Always.

Yeah, you read right: we have a public commitment of making your queries under 10 seconds, doesn't matter how much data you have or how complex is it. If your query is slower we believe it’s our responsibility, not yours.

Read more about our Speed & Infrastructure

SQL Support - JDBC, ODBC and drivers

Prefer using SQL to make your queries? No problem, use our SQL API endpoint or any of our JDBC, ODBC, and Excel drivers to make your queries and integrate SlicingDice with any data visualization or BI tool.

Check the SQL API Endpoint | Check all SlicingDice's Drivers

Make queries using simple JSON

Any query you do with SQL can also be executed using our JSON query API. Actually, we developed our query API to be much easier to use than SQL, so you may find it quicker and simpler to use.

Check the docs about How to Make Queries

Immediate data availability for querying

Any data you insert on SlicingDice, doesn't matter if it was batch loaded or inserted via streaming using our API, will be available for querying within 5 seconds after the API request was received.

Check the docs about Insertion Speed

Built-in Data Visualization Module

SlicingDice has powerful built-in data visualization and reporting capabilities so you can immediately start to generate insights from your data after inserting it. You can easily create reports, charts and dashboards on SlicingDice's control panel.

Learn more about the Data Visualization module

Embedded your charts anywhere

SlicingDice's Data Visualization module allow you to embed all reports, charts and graphs you created with SlicingDice on your own system using few lines of code. Embed dashboards and reports in your client portal, on a webpage, email, or just about anywhere

Learn more about the Data Visualization module

Built-in Business Intelligence Module

A user-friendly business intelligence tool that is simple and practical for all your business users to actually use every day.

Learn more about the Business Intelligence module

Granular data access permissions

It’s your data, so you must have the ability to determine in a fine-grained manner who can have access to it. You can use SlicingDice's custom API keys to have column-level granularity permissions.

Check the docs about Query Permissions

Saved Queries

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create a query just once and use it everywhere without typing it again and again? You can achieve that with the SlicingDice's saved queries. Instead of re-writing the entire query whenever you need to analyze your data, simply save it and call it by name.

Query Cache

Saved queries also gives you the ability to define a cache period for your queries, so SlicingDice brings results even faster. Anyway, you can still bypass the query cache at any time by simply adding a bypass cache parameter on your queries.

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