Your data always available in real-time

In a fast-paced digital landscape, it’s imperative to save time. To act as fast as possible in a data-driven approach, data must be available in real-time. Your decisions must be made with data as fresh as possible: there’s no room for waiting days or even hours for your reports.

Real-time data insertion

Send your data to SlicingDice in real-time using our REST API or scheduling loading jobs to run every minute. In less than 5 seconds your data is already available for queries and updated in your live dashboards.

No cold data

All of your data is always available for your analysis, no matter how old or how big is the dataset. Using your older data as part of your analysis shouldn’t be any more difficult than using your fresh data.


Don’t worry about data management: we handle it for you

Not every team or organization has the necessary personnel or budget to deal with big data management, configuration and maintenance. Data infrastructure can become a bottleneck in your analytics operations if not handled correctly. SlicingDice can handle it all for your, while you focus on your core business missions.

Zero maintenance

A serverless cloud storage structure that needs no configuring, tuning or managing. Everything is automatically handled by the system, providing you a seamless data backend.

Built-in replication & backup

No data loss or unavailability. Every piece of data in your database is replicated in 3 distinct places, without the need for any data partitioning. Automatic backups ensure total safety of your data.

Multi-cloud infrastructure

Choose the cloud provider you want for your database, between the most recognized ones in the market: AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba and OVH. We deploy it, you enjoy it.

You own your data

CAny data stored in SlicingDice can be fully retrieved anytime, without extra fees or other lock-in. You are the master of your data.


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