SQL and API Flexibility

Why are SQL and API flexibility so relevant? If you are like any other organization, you probably have used some outdated and complex data platform that didn't apply a standard language. So you, as a developer, had to learn a whole new idiom from zero. Which might have sounded amusing, but not for the person who has the power to promote you, your boss. The time you wasted understanding and mastering the language, could've been devoted to transform data into business value for the organization.

The problem of using another data solution is that most of them have their own language. Some can support SQL or API, but it's not common sense nor even flexible enough, in other words, it doesn't allow you to do everything using these two standards. So you must learn everything, which can seem quite a fun challenge at the beginning, but, most of data solutions in the market don't have a crystal clear and concise documentation. Even if certain solution uses JSON, you would need to search for and learn their own terms and key names, making your fun challenge a killjoy.


SlicingDice's SQL & API, the best of both worlds

SQL and API freedom and flexibility means, among others, two very important things. One, you won't need to waste your time learning a whole new language to really use SlicingDice. Two, everything you do using SQL, you can do using API as well. When saying EVERYTHING, we mean it. As a matter of curiosity, we even have developed a SQL-based API endpoint, by which you can write SQL using API. Additionally, SlicingDice has many client libraries, in case you want to speed up your integration. Check it out here.

By using a standard language (SQL and REST API), you don't need to learn anything from zero and the organization doesn't have to hire a team of experts to use the solution. Additionally, SlicingDice's documentation was made to be as clear and easy as possible. The docs are very interactive and practical, you can read and watch videos about anything you need to know to fully leverage SlicingDice. Also, you can have access to SlicingDice University in order to grasp how the All-in-One Data Warehouse works.

That's why SlicingDice can be learned by everyone and implemented in days, enabling an organization-wide data-driven culture in a fraction of the time and cost. It empowers everyone to make better and quicker data-driven decisions, improving business processes and profitability.

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We do speak SQL

Prefer using standard SQL to insert data and make your queries?
No problem, use our SQL API endpoint or any of our JDBC, ODBC, ADO.net and Excel drivers to rapidly integrate SlicingDice with your existing data visualization tool.

Our drivers are heavily tested and certified by companies like Tableau.

Access, analyze, and report on data with your SQL-based tool of choice.

Live data access from popular BI, Analytics, and Reporting Tools.

Integration into popular IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans.

Unicode enabled 32/64-bit compliant drivers for Windows, Mac, and Unix.


Well-documented REST API

You can leverage our easy-to-use REST API to have full flexibility and control for inserting and querying your data on SlicingDice. It really takes less than 5 minutes to learn how to use SlicingDice's API.

Easily insert batch and stream data using the same API.

Make very complex queries with simple JSON requests.

Save common queries and use them multiple times.

Leverage our ready-to-use API examples and tools.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice's API.

Very well documented API.

Interact with your database using our user-friendly API. Create columns, stream data from sensors and perform queries as needed.

Stable and always backward compatible.

Our API is 100% backwards compatible, so you never have to manually change anything due to changes made by us.

Easy to learn and use.

Anyone can learn how to use SlicingDice, as it requires no previous technical knowledge. We create courses regularly to educate everyone.

Ready to use client libraries in multiple languages.

A dozen different client libraries to ensure any tool can easily connect to SlicingDice. We build new ones constantly.

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