Serverless architecture

If you’re like most organizations today, you know data is the core of everything you do. But it's really hard and expensive to use. It lives in various systems, each owned and managed by different departments that owns and manage different data infrastructures. Some are applications built in house and some are cloud. But all of them have a common problem: someone must manage it.

The name “serverless computing” is used because the business or person that owns the system does not have to purchase, rent or provision servers or virtual machines for the back-end code to run on. In the context of a data warehouse, serverless means being able to simply store and query your data, without having to purchase, rent, provision or manage any infrastructure or software licensing.


SlicingDice is totally and truly serverless

To solve this issue is the reason why SlicingDice provides a totally serverless data solution. By using the All-in-One Data Warehouse, a data-driven culture can be established in a fraction of time and cost, because any employee can quickly learn SlicingDice, immediately make queries and never, ever think about data infrastructure.

Nowadays, a lot of Data Warehouses claim to be fully managed - but that's a very different thing from being serverless. In fact, these solutions have a few hidden things for you to manage and tune, although they don't tell you that. Like, backups, jobs, monitor the solution's performance, functioning and clusters.

A real and TOTALLY serverless solution is the one provided by SlicingDice - no hidden things for you to manage. Being serverless is to power on an All-in-One ETL, DW, BI and ML data solution, without worrying about infrastructure or setting up servers. In one single day, you just load your data and start to query it, so data can be transformed into insightful business-oriented decisions very quickly and easily.

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From weeks to hours, on a single platform!

SlicingDice take your data projects to life within hours, instead of weeks.
It's a fully-integrated platform that allows you to extract, transform, store, query, explore and visualize your data working with a single company.

Data Loading

You don't need any complex ETL tool to extract and load your data to SlicingDice.

Data Warehouse

SlicingDice outperform other data warehouse in terms of management, speed and cost.

BI & Data Viz

You don't need to pay for expensive visualization tools to start generating insights from your data.


SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice.

Fully managed.

Don’t worry about integration, maintenance, backups, sharding, partitioning or any configuration. Focus on helping patients.

Scale with your needs.

No configuring or tuning for scaling and redundancy. Simply insert as much data as you need and let the system handle it for you.

Runs on the cloud of your choice.

Deploy on our private cloud or any public cloud, without any setup needed. Either bring your data to us or bring us into your environment.

You always have the latest version. No upgrade needed.

Forget buying new licenses for products you already have. Forget updates that require downtime. Simply login and start working.

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