Trust is the base of a data warehouse

Check this video from SlicingDice's Founder & CEO detailing how we handle data security to make sure no one will ever get unauthorized access to your data.

Data Security and Confidentiality

As we developed our own database technology from the ground up, all data is stored in our own encoded format, making it harder for an attacker to get access to the original format of the stored data.

The only way for us to face a data breach would be by having full infrastructure hacking that would allow the attacker to get access to data and the source code of our processing engine, in order to reverse engineer the data encoding logic. Other than that, as we store the data in hashed and encoded binary format, no one would be able to really guess what is inside our files.

From an infrastructure perspective, we strictly follow recommended approaches in server hardening and sensible information management. One example of such recommended approach is that we don’t allow any SSH access to our servers. All servers are accessed exclusively using KVM over IP provided by our infrastructure partners. We know this is a radical approach, but we take security very seriously.

Although a data breach would not cause a meaningful effect to our customers, as our data store is fully encoded, we clearly understand that security is the base of a Database as a Service offering.

Redundancy and Availability

As we use bare metal dedicated servers for performance reasons, our servers are expected to face hardware failures at any time, so it’s absolutely necessary for us to always have data redundancy and availability working properly.

We currently achieve a high level of redundancy and availability by:

Replicating our customer’s data across data centers at least 3 times.

Making hourly backups and storing it on our local backup servers.

Storing a full daily copy of our backups on a remote backup service.

Data center on safe countries - No spy on your data

According to multiple public and private researches, Germany, France and Canada are among the most safe and privacy-oriented countries in the world for data collection and storage, that's why we selected them to host our servers and store your data.

Our data center providers are monitored 24/7 by interior and exterior cameras that can detect and track intruders. Access logs, activity records, and camera footage are reviewed in case an incident occurs. Any employee from the data center provider must be reviewed, approved and whitelisted before they can physically interact with any SlicingDice's server.


OVH - Canadian data center

OVH is the official datacenter provider for SlicingDice in Canada.

OVH is the the number 3 internet hosting company in the world. More than 260,000 servers, 20 datacenters in 17 countries, supporting more than 1 million customers.

Check OVH's Security page

Iliad/Online.net - French data center

Online is the official datacenter provider for SlicingDice in France.

Online is one of the leading Web hosting providers in France. Founded in 2000, at the same time as the Free ISP, we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Iliad Group focused on Web services designed for webmasters and Internet professionals.

Check Iliad/Online's Security page



Hetzner - German data center

Hetzner is the official datacenter provider for SlicingDice in Germany.

Hetzner Online is a professional web hosting provider and experienced data center operator. Since 1997 the company has provided private and business clients with high-performance hosting products as well as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites.

Check Hetzner's Security page

Security and Privacy Compliance

SlicingDice is compliant with the highest security standards and regulations.
Also, whenever you want, you are welcome to audit our security. Just let us know.

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