Secure by Design

Your organization probably has a large volume of sensitive data. Be it client information, operational details or intellectual property, that must be kept secure and private, even more so when thinking about moving it or giving someone access to it. Established cloud suppliers are know to be extremely secure, but what if you could add another layer of security? What if that was completely free?

Data security means protecting digital data, such as in a database, from unwanted or unauthorized access, such as a cyberattack or a data breach. In other words, it means the preservation of valuable information of an organization. Cloud solutions have already proven themselves to be safer than on-premises ones, since, in most cases, people with direct access to servers are the one causing problems.

With this concern in mind, SlicingDice built a cloud-based data warehouse that is also secure by design, so there is never any unauthorized access to your data. SlicingDice's security is threefold - how data is stored, how infrastructured is maintained and from compliance with many security standards, politics and regulations on data privacy and security, like GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS Level 1, CSA and HDS.

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By using SlicingDice, all your data is secure and centralized

Many organizations when trying to become data driven end up using many separate tools to turn their data into analysis. The use of different suppliers to get ETL, BI and machine learning tools is common, but forces you to move your data among different platforms, creating multiple points of security concern. It is also usual to find solutions that keep all data in a single data center, leaving their clients vulnerable to not only unauthorized access but also creating a single point of failure, since any physical incident could cause instability or downtime.

Our All-in-One Data Warehouse enables organizations to perform integration, exploration, visualization and machine learning without having to move data. To ensure maximum reliability, SlicingDice is automatically redundant in at least 3 different clouds, either our private OVH infrastructure or any public cloud of your choice (like AWS, GCP, Azure and AliBaba). This won’t compromise security, since all of these suppliers have state-of-the-art security protocols. We take it further, leveraging our proprietary encryption method, native to our database technology.

This means that even if it was possible to have unauthorized access to a database, the stored data will be in binary, hashed format, and no one will be able to guess what's inside the files. SlicingDice clearly understands that security is the basis of a data warehouse offering as a service, so organizations can treat their data as an asset that is private and secure, being able to deliver this value onto their own customers, in turn becoming more trustworthy and valuable for them.

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SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to trust your company's data to SlicingDice.

Your data is automatically encrypted.

Our proprietary encoding works as a second layer of security to all data stored in SlicingDice. Even if someone could access it, they’d find only binary hashes.

Avoiding data movement means less points of failure.

With every fundamental tool in the same place, you avoid moving data around. This means less possible points of failure.

Cloud provides enhanced security.

Datacenters live and die by their security protocols. This means we can leverage their services and state-of-the-art security.

Visibility with privacy.

Custom keys and user permissions enable each column and row to be accessed by and only by those who must and should access it.

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