Data challenges at sales departments

Prediction techniques are currently used for forecasting demand in your business. If historical sales data is mostly what you use, then you might have a big problem due the constant demand changes. As demand is more complex, traditional approaches to predict demand like only analyzing the business environment can increase inventory but may not help improve sales.

The need of high-quality data in your business is crucial because it helps reduce mistakes and minimize costs associated with superfluous and incorrect data, one example being failed delivery attempts.

Problems when using different solutions

For you to excel and get the desired results from your big data strategies, you’ll need to think of a solid data warehouse infrastructure, data sources and analytics to handle huge volumes of data from an ever-growing market. Retail and wholesale environment is constantly changing as suppliers introduce new products, customers alter their behavior and weather patterns impact shoppers and demand. Your data warehouse platform must be able to provide you and your team with real-time data streaming, so you can promptly change your business strategy as information comes in.

But with traditional data warehouse solutions, your data-driven initiatives are over before they even begin. As they’re complex, expensive, non-scalable and outdated, you and your team will need constant experts’ interventions in case you decide you use them. You will also need to integrate different products for your data integration, preparation and analytics, visualization, BI and Machine Learning.

How SlicingDice supports sales departments

You don’t have to go through all these struggles just to improve sales efficiency. The All-in-One Data Warehouse, provided by SlicingDice is a totally serveless, fully-managed solution with no unpleasant surprises nor hidden things for you to worry about. You’re able to power on, in a single day, an All-in-One data solution that provides ETL, DW, BI and ML, without worrying about integrating and paying for different tools, infrastructure nor setting up servers.

Combining our scalable storage, real-time capabilities and DataViz tools, organizations can arm their sales teams with critical information about prospects. Our machine learning model takes this to a higher level, enabling forecasting about demand, prices and other market variables. This way, sales teams can perform at top efficiency, selling more and better, increasing revenue - and their own compensation.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Schema and data type flexibility.

Store time series and non-time series in the same database. Store data with different structures. Query it all together for deeper insights.

Create and share visualizations as needed.

Create charts and dashboards with our data visualization module. Share them with a simple link or embed via iFrame.

Real time streaming and visualization.

Stream data and analyze it in real time. Perform queries and see dashboards updated as fast as you need.

Predictions based on historical data.

Our Machine Learning module can help any organization understand more about their customers and predict future outcomes.

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