Real-time & streaming data

Real-time data processing is the ultimate state of data analytics where recently-generated data is readily available, within seconds or milliseconds. It’s designed to analyze and act on using “continuous queries”, meaning constant searches enabling analysis of input in motion. As data streaming involves processing huge volume of data in real-time from hundreds or thousands of sources, it pinpoints important information, creating a real-time intelligence tool to help accelerate decision-making in a company.

Let’s suppose you’ve decided to have real-time data streaming implemented to your business in order to make your operations more effective. To do that, you’d have to hire third-party solutions or pay more to obtain a real-time view of data, which adds another layer of costs and complexity to your data stack.

Does it mean you have to give up on your project to become a real-time data-driven company? Well, if you were going to choose a typical Data Warehouse, you'd struggle to transform data into business value, because most of the well-know solutions don’t support real-time and streaming data insertion. Besides that, you would be wasting your time solving problems like server configuring, tuning, management, scalability and instabilities rather than worrying about getting access to reports and more accurate insights.


SlicingDice can handle real-time & streaming data insertions

SlicingDice is able to analyze and view your big data in real-time. Any data inserted on a SlicingDice database is immediately available for querying and it is automatically displayed at all your dashboards, in case you are using the SlicingDice's built-in data visualization tool.

One of SlicingDice's advantages is that you have quicker response to critical situations, for example an industrial sensor that demonstrates a specific machine is not functioning properly within seconds. In today’s world, having a real-time data solution in a single platform can work in your favor. Only with The All-in-One Data Warehouse you can implement such solution in your business in a few days.

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SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice's for real-time & streaming data.

Real time streaming and visualization.

Stream data and analyze it in real time. Perform queries and see dashboards updated as fast as you need.

Supports billions of insertions per minute.

Perform as many concurrent loading jobs you need, from as many data sources you want. Insertion throughput is nearly unlimited.

Inserted data is immediately available.

No matter the insertion method, data stored in SlicingDice can be analyzed, visualized and leveraged within a couple of seconds.

SQL & API flexibility.

Interact with your database using both SQL and our REST API. Perform any task the way it best fits your needs.

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