Importance of real-time data analysis for organizations

In some industry segments, real-time analysis has become a standardized practice, such as in the transportation industry, where trucks and trailers are equipped with sensors and GPS not only to track their routes, but also to deliver whatever products in a timely manner. As real-time analytics helps logistics companies optimize their routes and spare fuel usage they’re able to save money and time using such powerful resource.

You’ll definitely benefit from real-time analysis, but there are challenges you’ll face when trying to implement it like making sure that you can collect and use high-quality information, secure your data and also have access your data in real time.

Problems when using different solutions

You might feel discouraged when seeking solutions to implement your real-time analysis once you realize that traditional data warehousing solutions don’t support real-time and streaming data insertion. And that’s not all, unfortunately. By using such solutions, you’ll end up having to spend a significant amount of money acquiring different analytical tools.

If it wasn’t enough, once you integrate, you’d waste your time solving problems like server configuring, tuning, management, scalability and instabilities rather than worrying about getting access to reports and more accurate insights. Additionally, your business team would remain depend on technical personnel to find answers and details from data. As a result, not only costs go up but productivity is compromised, creating tension between IT and business teams, as they often blame each other for unattained goals.

How SlicingDice completely solve these challenges

What should you do then? Just give up on having real-time analysis implemented to your business? If it’s up to SlicingDice, you bet real-time analytics will be part of your operations. The All-in-One Data Warehouse, provided by SlicingDice, is a single platform that contains ETL, DW, BI and ML data solution in a single platform. Since it’s totally serveless, you don’t have to worry about data infrastructure or managing the operating system.

Because SlicingDice was built from the ground up with a unique data compression technology, it’s able to provide you near real-time streaming data very fast. Any data you insert into SlicingDice can be visualized within 5 seconds and as data is compressed up to 1/30 of its original size, you’re able to query any data no matter its complexity or size in under 10-seconds. That’s a public commitment by SlicingDice. In today’s world, having a real-time data solution in a single platform will definitely work in your favor. Only The All-in-One Data Warehouse can offer you such solution that can be implemented in your business in a few days without the need of any experts team.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Schema and data type flexibility.

Store time series, non-time series and geoposition data in the same database. Store data with different structures. Query as you need.

Real time streaming and visualization.

Stream data and analyze it in real time. Perform queries and see dashboards updated as fast as you need.

Data Virtualization.

Our Logical Data Warehouse layer enables connecting straight to data sources. Immediate action with instant reports.

Leverage predictive analytics.

Combine real time streaming with machine learning. Enable automation and prediction to make analysis even faster.

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