SlicingDice's Customer Council

SlicingDice has a global customer council formed by all sizes of companies, featuring multiple use cases. This council has constant and direct access to our product and development team to discuss, propose and influence our future roadmap. Let us know if you would like to join.

  1. Support for Geolocation data type


    Support storing and querying geolocation data. Including time-series.

  2. Logical Data Warehouse GA

    March 2019

    Make the Logical Data Warehouse capabilities publicly available for any company that wants to use it. Currently it's being tested by some existing customers.

  3. Natural language processing for queries

    April 2019

    Allow business users to run queries simply by typing text-based questions. We already have a advanced prototype working and we expect this feature to bring huge value to our customers.

  4. Full machine learning pipeline automation

    May 2019

    Empower our customers to automatically retrain models based on newest data and use the trained models to score/predict data being inserted in real-time, with minimal technical configuration.

  5. Database snapshot & restore

    June 2019

    Provide a way for our customers to easily create full or partial database snapshots and easily restore them, without affecting database availability (insertion and queries).

  6. SlicingDice on-premises & hybrid version

    July 2019

    Support customers that want to bring their own on-premises infrastructure, without losing all the SlicingDice's simplicity and automation.

  7. Support for CLOB and BLOB data types.

    July 2019

    Create new columns data types that supports storing CLOB for large text data (text) and BLOB, for binary data (videos, images, documents, other).

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