Automate your transformation tasks seamlessly

Reach a new level of data transformation automation with workflows. Combine transformation and loading tasks in your own defined way. Establish procedures to prepare your dataset for machine learning. All of this in a single platform: no data moving back and forth.


Design your own transformation and loading jobs workflow to match your team & organization needs. Reuse steps of your workflows, saving you time and effort. Automate the workflows to happen as often as you need.

Fully managed

Your only concern is defining the steps of your workflow, as you see fit. Every aspect regarding the performance of your transformations is cared for behind the scenes by SlicingDice’s data architecture.

Output flexibility

Save the results of your transformations to an existing dataset, updating the information in it, or create a new dataset with it.

Machine learning preparation

Execute all the data wrangling process in the same platform where you store your data: no need to integrate with another tool or copying files from one place to another.


High performance data preparation tool, no extra costs for it

Reaching a high performance data preparation is not only technically challenging but also expensive. With SlicingDice, everything is included so your team & organization can focus in your own challenges instead of dealing with data infrastructure.

Scalable performance

Leverage the power of parallel processing provided by SlicingDice in your data preparation operation, without ever worrying about scalability.

Zero impacts during operations

Your workflow executions won’t harm your capacity to perform queries or any other operations in your SlicingDice database. The processing power is scaled up and down by the system, as needed, guaranteeing fast results to the final user.

No extra costs

No matter how much extra processing power your workflow steps need, you won’t be charged any extra fee for it. No trick or surprise in your billing: it’s all included in your team or organization pricing plan.


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