Data challenges in the manufacturing industry

Can you recall what automating processes was like 15 years ago? As someone involved in the manufacturing industry, it doesn’t matter whether you’re part of a small, medium or large scale organization, you might be facing some challenges dealing with data. That’s because manufacturing systems were not designed to manage huge volumes of information.

And to compete in the modern manufacturing world, you need to integrate and contextualize your data types from different areas of your factory, like sensors, databases, controllers, etc., to an analytic platform. The real value for you is not data itself, but your ability to improve your decision-making with information that you’re able to view in multiple business scenarios instantly and react in real time. Easier said than done, right?

Problems when using different solutions

Quite often, the information required for operations and analytics is spread across different siloed systems, impeding a 360º view of relevant data by employees. This may be your case, where you’re trying to mitigate different platform integration as much as possible. Unfortunately, typical data warehouses in the market are complex, expensive, non-scalable or outdated and require constant experts’ interventions in order to keep working, wasting time and money.

As data usage becomes more complex over time, you’ll need to keep integrating an ever-growing number of sources to your data warehouse, each one of them with their own connection and data structures. This usually means wasting resources on complex ETL processes, losing data or not being able to centralize it efficiently, all of which hinders transforming data into business value. Additionally, you might find yourself investing a considerable amount of money on database configuration, management, tuning and monitoring all the infrastructure needed to store your data.

How SlicingDice empower the manufacturing industry

The All-in-One Data Warehouse, provided by SlicingDice, exists so you don’t have spend time and money integrating different platforms. As an integrated data warehouse built from the ground up , SlicingDice is compatible with most established ETL, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Machine Learning tools in the market - and it enhances its compatibility constantly.

By using SlicingDice, users from your organization become free of tech personnel, enabling both parties to perform more critical duties, improving productivity, autonomy and establishing a company-wide data-driven culture within your factory in a fraction of cost and time. Ou real-time analytics capabilities allow you respond quicker to critical situations. As the manufacturing becomes more data-driven with “smart” machinery, you’ll benefit tremendously from having a real-time data solution in a single platform that works in your favor.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Sensor and Business data

Store sensor and business data, no matter the data type, in the same dimension. Query them together for deeper analytical insight.

Predictive maintenance

Stream data directly from asset sensors through our API and predict their behavior using machine learning models. Act before it’s needed.


Data integration, preparation, exploration, visualization and machine learning, for a single price. Zero integration and maintenance.

Unlimited data storage

Store as much data as you want, paying a single price per column. More data enables innovative analytics possibilities.

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