Data challenges in the logistics industry

How are you transforming your huge volume of your data as a logistics provider when you manage huge flows of products? Tough question, ain’t it? When you’re dealing with products’ origin, size, weight, destination, content etc you have to track it all to go through with your logistics affairs. But have you ever thought on how you can improve your operation efficiency knowing exactly what data to use?

This is certainly not an exclusive challenge for you, so knowing how to make use of good quality data can put you ahead of competition, enhancing some processes like: supply chain risk management, service level improvement, product innovation, customer loyalty management, resource capacity planning(strategic and operational) and last mile optimization. But the complexity of capturing, storing, searching, analysing and visualizing big data is what may be hindering you data-driven goals.

Problems when using different solutions

As the amount of information you receive increases exponentially, it’s in your best interest to deal with a data warehouse and analytical database that won’t have inconsistency when cleaning, integrating or transforming your data. Real-time streaming data is also one of the most important characteristics for logistics, where a small delay can mean large losses.

Logistics organizations seeking data warehousing solutions need to store both time series and non-time series data. They need such data to be streamed,analyzed and visualized in real-time. It might sound simple but to achieve this you need to integrate many separate tools, which have their own expertise requirements. You would get disappointed by how much this costs to deploy and maintain. Not to mention the fact you’d be wasting your time solving problems like server configuring, tuning, management, scalability and instabilities rather than worrying about getting access to reports and more accurate insights.

How SlicingDice empower the logistics industry

Your logistics data-driven strategy doesn’t have to be over because traditional solutions can’t help you. SlicingDice unveils a totally new and easy way to really get the most out of your data. It offers, in a single platform, built-in tools for data integration, exploration, visualization and intelligence, that is very cost-effective and can be implemented in days. So you save time and money by avoiding expensive and complex integrations among multiple different solutions, costing a tenth of the market price.

Logistics organizations can take their operations further by employing predictive analytics, leveraging SlicingDice’s machine learning module. By using historical data to improve their processes - like CRM and route planning - they save time, money and even energy, impacting the business and the environment.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Insert complex geoposition & geographic data

Full geoposition data support. Query it with every other data you have, obtaining results, making charts and predicting outcomes.

Real time streaming and visualization

Stream data and analyze it in real time. Perform queries and see dashboards updated as fast as you need.

Schema and data type flexibility

Store time series and non-time series in the same database. Store data with different structures. Query it all together for deeper insights.

Very user-friendly business intelligence

Combine our robust data visualization module with our visual click-and-drag BI module for a user-friendly but deep analysis.

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