Data challenges at IT departments

You know how important your IT department is within your company. In an era of high market competitiveness and the need for automation of tasks, this segment has become one of the main characters in the process of growth and expansion of businesses.

Because of this, your IT department should be focused on bringing innovation, and working quickly to increase the productivity of the entire organization. However, not many IT departments can work this way, since they must spend a lot of their time in solving technical problems such as infrastructure and complex software management.

Problems when using different solutions

When we think of a data warehouse, the same applies. Solutions that should have been made to work for you, make you work for them. Developers, engineers and data scientists need to deal with complex software that do not have all the tools they need.They also lack flexibility and elasticity.

Traditional Data Warehouses claim to be fully managed - but what is in fact being fully managed? What you should expect from a fully-managed platform is scalability, elasticity, performance, fast implementation, and most importantly, an actual management-free solution.

But the sad truth is that your IT personnel need to deal with overly complex tools and most of them are built on outdated technology, that will not deliver the performance your business needs, while requiring you to purchase, integrate and maintain other tools, like ETL and BI. This is certain going to skyrocket your data pipeline costs.

How SlicingDice supports IT departments

To meet the biggest challenges your IT team faces, the All-in-One data warehouse provided by SlicingDice is a totally serveless, fully-managed solution, very easy to use, with no unpleasant surprises nor hidden things for you to worry about. You’re able to power on, in a single day, an All-in-One data solution that provides ETL, DW, BI and ML, without worrying about integrating and paying for different tools, infrastructure nor setting up servers.

By using SlicingDice, your IT team won’t worry about data infrastructure and not a single level of data management. Instead, they can use all the knowledge to bring great innovations into your company, achieving business goals.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Guaranteed performance.

Query any dataset of any datatype with any complexity under 10 seconds. SLA-guaranteed.

No more ETL processes.

Connect to 150+ different sources with our load & sync module. Set up automatic data ingestion and never touch it again.

Less IT team dependency.

Anyone can create charts and dashboards with our data visualization module. Share them with a simple link or embed via iFrame.


Data integration, preparation, exploration, visualization and machine learning, in a single price and support channel. Zero integration work..

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