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SlicingDice Video - Why we created SlicingDice

Why we created SlicingDice?

Check this video from SlicingDice's Founder & CEO detailing how SlicingDice's database technology came into existence and why we decided to build a full data solution on top of it.

Why we created SlicingDice?

Developing a new database from zero is one of the hardest things in technology.
So why did we do it?

We needed it

We didn’t create our core database technology because we thought it would be a great market to attack and compete against really well venture-backed companies. We built because we simply needed it to store our own data and we didn't find any cost-effective option.

SlicingDice was built by the big data core team behind Simbiose Ventures, a startup studio that builds and invests in data-intensive processing platforms.

Why not use an existing solution?

Before building SlicingDice’s core time series database technology we tried to use most of the amazing big data (SQL and NoSQL) solutions out there, like:

  • ElasticSearch and Solr
  • Hadoop / Hive, Storm, and Spark
  • MemSQL
  • AWS Redshift
  • Google BigQuery

However, some of them didn’t support our needs (like low-latency full distributed JOIN) and the few that supported were complex to manage and it would require a dedicated team. We did find some solutions that could possibly support our technical requirements, but they were really complex and expensive in terms of hardware usage or software licensing, like:

  • Druid
  • Presto
  • HP Vertica
  • Oracle Exadata

What were our necessities

During that time we were processing around 15 billion new events/transactions per month, from around 550 million unique users, and all that data needed to be stored and available for querying for at least 12 months. In the end of a year we normally had about 200 billion events/transactions where we needed to perform complex queries in a sub-second response time. Oh, of course, we had to do everything using only few dozens of servers instead of hundreds or thousands, because we couldn't afford high infrastructure costs.

Being brave (or crazy)

We decided to be brave (or crazy) enough to build our own technology from the ground up, based on latest scientific papers, books and researches on in-memory database architectures, data compression, automatic query optimization and so on.

After the first release, that was developed by 3 developers in just 90 days, we spent more than one year refactoring and improving the core technology from the ground up, that is now really stable and used in production at small and big companies from around the world.

Still being brave (or crazy) - Phase 2

After some time, in an internal brainstorm we thought: why not make this technology available for other companies, but removing the difficulties of using a new technology and managing it on their own? Why not a Serverless Data Warehouse platform focused on people that have huge volume of data and need to perform complex analytical queries?

Going forward

Looking at SlicingDice now, a Serverless Data Warehouse and Analytics Database as a Service, we believe it completely satisfies the two rules we initially established before developing it:

  • The platform must simply work, like magic. Other engineers will not need to face the challenges we faced before building it;
  • The price must be fair, simple, predictable and cheap, so anyone can use it;

This is the true (non-marketing) history of how SlicingDice came into existence. Hopefully other companies will enjoy and leverage it the same way we still do at Simbiose Ventures' companies. You can read our history with more details clicking on this button below.

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