Data challenges in the government industry

A data-driven culture, can be established by country leaders from all around the world trying to make it accessible in every inch of their nation's territory. It can also be established by some local departments trying to unify their information into a single platform. Being a data driven public institution is really important to store all the information about citizens, government programs, departments and staff to better understand current and future scenarios.

Problems when using different solutions

Most public institutions still work with very big physical data centers, which must be managed and updated constantly so the data can be used with no problems. But what would happen if the different departments which need to work together use different data centers with no communication among them? It can be a total chaos. The risk to lose data when transfering to another Data Visualization or Business Intelligence tool is a risk powerful countries can not afford. Not to mention the safety of critical information that can be compromised if the department uses a system that can be invaded.

How SlicingDice empower the government industry

The technology of the All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice was built from the ground up thinking about that. It is fully managed, infinitely scalable, provides flexibility for storing any kind of data and it’s unbelievably fast. Consequently, you don’t need to configure, manage, monitor or even worry about your database performance, because everything is automatically handled by the system.

But there is still one last challenge left: loading and centralizing your data and finally have a data warehouse. This is another area where SlicingDice stands out, as it also provides built-in data loading and synchronization capabilities as part of its All-in-One Data Solution, allowing you to quickly and easily load data to your data warehouse without worrying about safety. We were built from scratch and developed every safety protocol to avoid losing your data.

SlicingDice is powerful yet simple enough for anyone to actually use it. So every department can have access to data in real time through dashboards; as well as create charts, drastically reducing IT dependency when a report is required immediately. This way, employees will be free to focus on government issues and establish a data-driven government culture in a fraction of time and cost.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Visibility and privacy

Custom keys and user permissions enable each column to be accessed by and only by who must and should access it.

Secure by design

Combine the security and protocol compliance of cloud providers with our proprietary built-in encryption for maximum safety.

Effortless data integration

Connect to 150+ different sources with our load & sync module. Automatically or manually ingest data. All with a few clicks.

Scale with your needs

No configuring or tuning for scaling. Simply insert as much data as you need and let the system handle it for you.

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