Geoposition & Geographic Data

Compare automobile security monitoring, fitness apps and store locations. They might not have much in common, but in all three, it’s vital to know where stuff is happening. In most organizations, physical location can be a very important factor for sales and communication - and being able to combine location with all sorts of other information makes it much more important. Being able to do that across the whole company in real-time makes it transformational.

Geoposition data is comprised of the latitude and longitude of a data source. Any organization could benefit from being able to cross that information with any other data they already analyze. No matter if digital or brick-and-mortar, B2B or B2C, every company needs clients. And they are all somewhere. With geoposition, you can be laser-focused in your efforts, by knowing exactly where - in a physical sense - to invest your resources.

However, few organizations are able to actually leverage geoposition data, even though they may gain a lot from it. Not many established database suppliers support this type of data and, for those that do, a complex JOIN must be made to perform analyses that leverage data properly. Some solutions even have different pricing for geoposition data, which makes using this resource more complex and expensive. This limits data ROI and innovation and ensures that only the largest organizations, with the largest teams and budgets, can access this sort of deep analytics.


SlicingDice's database can handle complex Geoposition & Geographic Data

SlicingDice was built to solve these issues with simplicity. Our All-in-One Data Warehouse treats geoposition data as any other data type. You can store it in columns along with the rest of your data, even time series. This way, you can query any information you have, with any data type, with the same simplicity and performance. We want organizations to store as much data as they can, without having to worry about infrastructure or unaffordable costs.

Any organization can now leverage geoposition data. Combining it with our data visualization and machine learning modules enables companies to visualize and automate their operations taking into account where in the world things are - be those devices, buildings or people. This fine-grained vision increases efficiency in most departments, adding another layer of knowledge about clients and assets. This increases ROI and opens up new innovative paths for growth across the company.

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SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice's for Geoposition & Geographic data.

Insert complex geoposition & geographic data.

Full geoposition data support. Query it with every other data you have, obtaining results, making charts and predicting outcomes.

Supports temporal analysis on geoposition & geographic data.

Store geoposition data as an event, with its own timestamp. Associate it with any other event or data type you might need.

Complex and heavy geo queries are processed in milliseconds.

Geoposition is stored like any other data type. Our 10-second query time SLA is just as valid for this data type.


Interact with your database using our user-friendly API. Create columns, stream data from sensors and perform queries as needed.

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