Maximum flexibility

SQL, API, JDBC/ODBC drivers, Excel Add-in, built-in workbench and a self-service BI tool. We want users to be able to explore their data whenever, however and as much as they want. Be they data scientists or business analysts, SlicingDice offers more than one way to explore data and get insights.

Made for insights

SlicingDice was made to enable users to avoid data infrastructure management and focus on mission-critical tasks, like exploring data for deeper meaning, creating charts and predicting with ML. No matter your user profile, SlicingDice can be used by you.

Built-in or external tools

We offer optional, built-in tools. They were developed to ensure most common use cases were covered and 99% of users would not be forced to employ other tools. If, however, you wish to use a specific data tool, you can use SlicingDice’s JDBC/ODBC drivers to connect that tool and work anyway you prefer.


Build on top of SlicingDice

Besides our control panel functions, Slicing Dice has a comprehensive API that allows users to leverage every one of its capabilities.From creating databases to querying data, our API can be used to operate or even building in top of SlicingDice.

Application support

Any application can communicate with SlicingDice and get query results from our API. Combined with Api insertions, this creates a two-way communication, giving great flexibility for applications to interact with data.


Our API even works with SQL syntax. This means different types of users can work with data using different methods, opening up the possibility of varied use cases and improving adoption.


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