Data challenges in the energy industry

Modern life could not exist without Energy. It can come through many different forms such as Electricity, Gas, Oil or Fuel but it will always make life easier and more productive. In the past years, humans has been suffering with energy crises all over the world and the need to control the consumption and the behavior of consumers increase every year.

By using data analysis, companies can help clients, partners, investors, and the public understand and visualize not only the value of these resources, but also how environmental situations affect consumption and even help them predict what comes next with machine learning.

With the advance of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies the energy industry can connect to the consumer end and monitor the consumption of the devices like electronics, lights, vehicles or even a whole factory. This connection can easily being monitored from the both ends, industry and consumer, to help them create saving strategies or even predict maintenance needs for each device.

Problems when using different solutions

To understand the whole system, the devices in the energy industry will probably have to connect their sensors to an edge storage, which then connects to an ETL tool so the data can be transformed and loaded to a Data Warehouse (DW), and then migrated to some Business Intelligence (BI) tool and only after all this process the data can be analysed. It can take weeks to setup and hours from data to travel the whole pipeline, assuming the sensors and the tools speak the same language and are updated. If they are not, it can take an unpredictable amount of time and money.

How SlicingDice empower the energy industry

The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice offers, in a single solution, all the fundamental tools energy companies need to overcome those barriers. Data can be streamed directly from sensors using our API and stored - or even analyzed directly from sources, using our Data Virtualization layer. This avoids the risks of data moving as it keeps all your data centered in one place. And by employing a single product with built-in tools, organizations eliminate the complexity of different contracts, bills, integrations and staff deviation in order to manage these tools.

After employing SlicingDice to create a data warehouse in few days - where other solutions would take weeks or even months - energy companies can share the insights with investors, government, clients and internally so every stakeholder can access the market and be ready to plan new strategies on changing behavior to save money.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Real-time insertion using the API

Interact with your database using our user-friendly API. Create columns, stream data from sensors and perform queries as needed.

Supports huge time-series data volume

Store time series and non-time series data in the same dimension. Query any data type you need for your analytics with ease.

Machine learning

Predict maintenance, client consumption and even fraud with advanced Analytics. Refine predictive model with constant use.

Data Virtualization

Our Logical Data Warehouse layer enables connecting straight to data sources. Immediate action with instant reports.

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