Embedded analytics for all kind of needs.

Embedded analytics is usually understood as a visual way to insert information into context. Charts or dashboards are shown to and constantly consumed by users. Even non-digital business can employ them with success, through company apps and websites. For business management, embedding analytics is a way to thoroughly spread information without creating more pressure in IT or BI teams. For consumer use, it’s a way to attract new users and improve user experience, since customers are not only eager to have more information - they are used to it.

But companies have to endure a long journey to be able to adopt that. To be able to embed a chart, companies must first have their data environment completely set up, which is no easy task. After spending a lot of resources on data integration and analysis, they must employ a data visualization or BI tool that supports embedding - or even build the visualization framework themselves. Integrating and maintaining these technologies requires a lot of time, money and expertise, which in turn increases risks and decreases ROI.


SlicingDice allows you to inject precise and insightful information on your systems

SlicingDice solves these issues presented above and takes embedded analytics to another level. Our All-in-One data solution has every fundamental tool for your data integration, analysis, visualization and machine learning. Charts and dashboards can be created in minutes using data from your data sources and can be embedded with a single iFrame code. Since our data warehouse is built for performance, your data updates those charts in real time, even allowing for the visualization of predictive analytics, automated with machine learning.

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Built-in BI Module Technical Capabilities

Check below the most important features present on SlicingDice's Built-in BI Module.

Totally Serverless

Nothing to configure, manage or monitor. Really fully managed.

User friendly BI

Drag and drop Business Intelligence Module for daily data exploration.

Dashboard Creation Tool

Powerful, highly customizable dashboard creation tool.

Email reports

Schedule reports by email for efficient data communication.

Embeddable charts & dashboards

Embed charts and dashboards on any application or even presentations.

Granular data access permission

Column and row-level security data access control.

Integration with other BI tools

Integrate with external BI tools (like Tableau) seamlessly if needed.

Excel add-in

SlicingDice's Excel add-in enables users to use Excel with their data warehouse.

Many visualization possibilities

Charts, graphs, donuts/pies, bars, heatmap, gauge, funnel, wordclouds.

Check how the Logical Data Warehouse works

Below you can find few videos and images about the Logical Data Warehouse.


SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice.

Add value to your existing product within a single day.

Embedded analytics improve revenue. You can create a dashboard and embed it into your application within minutes.

Share visualizations as needed.

Create charts and dashboards with our data visualization module. Share them with a simple link or embed via iFrame.

Fully managed.

Don’t worry about integration, maintenance, backups, sharding, partitioning or any configuration. Focus on helping patients.

Real time streaming and visualization.

Stream data and analyze it in real time. Perform queries and see dashboards updated as fast as you need.

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