Offloading data to other platforms and databases

No matter their size, organizations can integrate and store a lot of data. Even if your organization is small, it may have huge data challenges and being able to store and analyze as much data as possible is a goal of most modern organizations. All of this data must be stored somewhere and, as it adds up quickly, so do data storage costs. Those organizations then would need to offload some of this data, so they don’t lose it entirely and can minimize wasting resources.

Data offloading consists of simply moving any type of data from one storage to another. You may send to a cheaper storage data you won’t need to access constantly. Or you can feed other systems with data from an integrated source.

In some cases, this is done due to system limitations. When dealing with data, performance and storage are connected. Sometimes, by technical limitations (such as on-prem servers’ hardware). In others, by financial limitations (such as cloud providers, that charge by performance). Sometimes, both. Either way, this data has to be moved, which incurs in all the risks of data movement - data loss, system failures, etc. Every different system inserting or ingesting data from your integrated database must have its own ETL process set up.


SlicingDice allows you to push data to other platforms and databases

SlicingDice solves this problem with its usual simplicity - you won’t need to offload data to save space, ever. Since our storage has a single and simple price, there’s no option to move it to another of our services. We’re the cheapest storage solution in the market, so it’s also needless to move data to another supplier. Our performance is guaranteed and not connected to storage at all. Finally, if you choose our pay-per-column pricing, you have unlimited storage, so storage space is not even a concern to you. You can perform any analytics you need in a single platform and feed whatever data others systems you might use directly to them, after they’ve already been prepared accordingly, since we integrate with most established solutions in the market.

On the other hand, our simple, predictable and affordable price makes us the perfect option for offloading data from other sources. Organizations only gain when storing their data in SlicingDice. If they use us as a secondary storage, they guarantee the lowest costs and a very simple and secure way to insert and extract data. If they use us as their main storage, they don’t have to worry about splitting their data - all of it is available for analysis all the time, with no financial constraints. Maximum availability and every built-in fundamental tools mean that companies can maximize their data ROI without having to integrate a lot of separate tools, from separate vendors, with separate prices.

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ETL & Data Preparation Module Technical Capabilities

Check below the most important features present on SlicingDice's ETL & Data Preparation Module.

Totally serverless ETL

No server to configure or monitor.

Many data sources

More than 150+ available data sources.

Automatic data loading

Connect your data sources and everything else will be synchronized.

Load data from other databases

Load from many different databases (like MySQL, MongoDB and others).

Load from online services

Load from many different online services (like Salesforce).

Many data sources

We enable querying straight from 150+ data sources.

Load from log files

Load from log files stored on object stores.

Connection to BI tools

Use any tool you want for BI (like Tableau and Qlikview).

Data transformation

Data transformation can be done using SQL commands.

Data sync

Automatic data synchronization from your data sources.

Data offloading

Automatic data offloading to other platforms and databases.

Visual data preparation

Data preparation done visually.

Check how the Logical Data Warehouse works

Below you can find few videos and images about the Logical Data Warehouse.


SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice's data offloading capabilities.

Offload data to more than 50 different systems

Connect any other tool and feed it data, without additional costs. Easy to connect to ingest or offload data.

Transform any query into a data pipeline.

Query results can be prepared, refined with machine learning and transformed before being sent to connected systems.

Use SlicingDice as your single data source of truth.

Leverage our All-in-One Solution and guaranteed performance to centralize data efficiently. Save storage space and costs.

Keep all your systems updated by using the same data.

Easily connect every tool you use to ingest data from a single source, without having to move data.

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