Data challenges at customer support departments

You’ve been a loyal customer to a company for years. During a suggestion chat, they ask you the same info you’d given them recently. How does that make you feel? This can’t happen within your company and it all comes down to how reliable your data is.

Integrating customer data from your social media, web analytics and purchase history is a big challenge that cannot be taken for granted. In a digital market, you can have millions of potential clients visiting your platform from all over the world at any given moment. If your customer data is kept in silos from each different department in your business, don’t think you’re alone - this is still the reality of many companies. Outdated data stored in silos might give a lot of organizations the impression that they are leveraging customer data, when they are actually lagging in customer support.

Problems when using different solutions

To meet this challenge, organizations would need a database that can support huge volumes of structured and semi-structured data, which is basically data that has no predefined model. This also means dealing with both time series and non-time series data, as both attributes and behavior are important. Your data must be accessible to you fast so real-time streaming and analysis key.

You’ll soon realize that established solutions cannot offer you all of this while maintaining top performance. The few that partially cover those needs charge very high prices, with no performance guarantees and still need a team of experts to setup and maintain.

How SlicingDice empowers customer support departments

Take your customer support practices to the highest standard with The All-in-One Data Warehouse, by SlicingDice. Our proprietary database technology compresses data up to 1/30 of its original size, enabling our guaranteed 10-second query speed commitment. Combined with the flexibility to handle the streaming of both time series and non-time series data, as well as structured and semi-structured data, this ensures organizations can leverage their customer support and relationship data to its fullest.

Our database was built with every tool needed to transform data into business value. This means not only integration, exploration, visualization and machine learning but also the capability to easily and privately share data across the organization, defining “who sees what” down to column and row level. This ensures that customer support has every piece of information it needs to properly any type of interaction, improving customer satisfaction, retention rates and mitigating churn - or even product returns.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.


Data integration, preparation, exploration, visualization and machine learning, for a single price. Zero integration and maintenance.

Simple way to visualize metrics.

Anyone can create charts and dashboards with our data visualization module. Share them with a simple link or embed via iFrame.

Real time streaming and visualization.

Stream data and analyze it in real time. Perform queries and see dashboards updated as fast as you need.

Perform advanced analytics.

Predict client behavior, lifetime value and even fraud with machine learning. Refine predictive model with constant use.

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