Importance of customer support analytics for organizations

Companies that sell anything must, or at least should, give some kind of support to their clients. It can be technical, financial or even a simple post sell greeting. If you run a company with these characteristics you have probably encountered a client complaining about the delay on a call or a long line at the customer support department. It can happen,for exemple, because the operators do not have all of your client's’ data in a single platform and in many cases it takes too long to gather every important information about them.

Problems when using different solutions

Problems like the ones mentioned above are common because companies employ the same solutions to handle customer support data.Your company probably have a contract with a Data Warehouse platform that store all your clients data, but you also have to analyse that data, then you also afford a kind of visualization or business Intelligence platform. Not to mention an ETL tool to make all the data ready to be stored and used.

However many contracts with many amazing tools do not guarantee success to the customer support team if those solutions do not aggregate value to your company. You will probably face one of the following problems: Tools that do not communicate with others because of the language, a data warehouse that needs to be constantly updated because the datasource was updated or the quantity of data overloaded the capacity, and you still have many bills to pay and sometimes a lock in contract that prevents you to find another solution that will really help you.

How SlicingDice completely solve these challenges

SlicingDice is a new and easy way to really get the most out of your data. It offers, in a single platform, built-in tools for data integration, exploration, visualization and machine learning, that is cost-effective and can be implemented in days. So you save time and money by avoiding expensive and complex integrations among multiple different solutions, spending a tenth of the standard market price.

SlicingDice is the ideal choice for you to embed analytics into your applications and operators systems so whenever helping your customer, operators can have access to the client's’ behavior and history. You can add more value for your application spending less, seamlessly embedding an analytics framework within your application, with your own look'n'feel.

SlicingDice´s tools are updated in near-real-time as data is loaded into cloud servers, so you can store, analyze, create dashboards and even create models with a Machine Learning module, powered by BigML™ to forecast problems, and then try to help the clients before they need any support. It has a comprehensive and user-friendly API, complementing a SQL support to ensure every sort of demand is guaranteed. It’s a serverless service, which means you don’t need to worry about setting up, configuring, tuning, partitioning and managing servers and with full technical support to build your analytics framework within hours with smaller teams.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Schema and data type flexibility.

Store time series and non-time series in the same database. Store data with different structures. Query it all together for deeper insights.

Visibility with privacy.

Custom keys and user permissions enable each column and row to be accessed by and only by who must and should access it.

Unlimited data storage.

Store as much data as you want, paying a single price per column. Know more about your customer without raising costs.

Predictions based on historical data.

Our Machine Learning module can help any organization understand more about their customers and predict future outcomes.

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