Side by side feature comparison

Not a marketing comparison. A fair technical comparison.



Free data storage

Simple & clear pricing

Always-free testing

No up-front commitment

No contractual lock-in

Pricing Models

Pay per columns

Pay for servers

Pay for storage space

Pay extra for each query

Pay for network transfer

Free premium support


No server admin. needed

Built-in replication

Automatic backup

Built-in high availability

No maintenance needed

Easy capacity increase

Easy to move out

Inserting Data

Insert data using REST API

Built-in data loading (ETL)

Streaming inserts

High Insertion throughput

No data partition needed

Data update support

Schema flexibility

Column-level security

Row-level security

Querying Data

Query speed SLA

SQL support

Query using REST API

ODBC / JDBC Driver

Column-level security

JOIN support

Saved queries

Configurable query cache

BI & Data Viz

Built-in data visualization

Built-in complete BI tool

Built-in dashboard creator

Embeddable charts


Built-in machine learning

Model download

Real-time prediction

Supervised learning

Unsupervised learning


Official JDBC driver

Official ODBC driver

Official driver

Official Excel plugin

Official Python library

Official Java library

Official JavaScript library

Official Ruby library

Official PHP library

Official .NET/C# library

Official Go library





























































How is it possible? (What's the catch?)

We use a very high performance proprietary database technology, fully focused on data compression. This means we need less storage and processing power, reducing costs and performance problems for our customers.

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