Data challenges in the communication industry

In a globalized market, good communication is the key for a company to be known. The sentence you just read keeps being said by business people from many different cultures. This is a true sentence but it is worthless if you are not able to track how your information is being received by your target and the results from it.

Problems when using different solutions

Now, consider your company has high customer traffic. It will only be useful to you if your content fits their wishes and needs. So every time you need reports from campaigns, your tech team needs to take this data to an external ETL, then transfer it to a data visualization tool and wait hours, sometimes days, to make a fair analysis of their clients - only then they can create the report you need. Don’t worry! Your client is already gone to your competition. But the contracts you made with the other parties must still be payed.

How SlicingDice empower the communication industry

Well known websites or very famous social media accounts feed billions of data points to their administrators. Using SlicingDice’s Data Warehouse any organization is able to unite their customers’ behavior data to make a full analysis of the their engagement and identify customers segments. Our built-in Data Visualization Module can show the big picture about what are the main contents the public is visiting and help the company predict what could be the most profitable content to post next.

By analyzing the engagement of the customers, marketing teams can send personalized content to subscribers, maximizing the flow in the page or social media and monetize this content. SlicingDice receives the data in real time and, using our easy to use data visualization module, the whole company can follow their results to be ready for the next steps.

Now the All-in-One Data Warehouse, provided by SlicingDice, enables you to analyse and view your big data in Real Time. A single solution, powerful but still very simple so anyone can use it. Being less dependant on tech personnel, business teams can improve productivity by sending the correct content to the right people, maximizing the monetization and communicating with the determined public. All of this while paying a fraction of what third parties’ many external tools would cost and implementing in few days.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Data Virtualization

Our Logical Data Warehouse layer enables instant analytics, straight from data sources. Move data to storage with a single click.

Effortless data integration

Connect to 150+ different sources with our load & sync module. Automatically or manually ingest data. All with a few clicks.

Visibility with privacy

Custom keys and user permissions enable each column to be accessed only by who must and should access it.

Simple & affordable

No specialized requirements for setup and maintenance. No upfront investment in complex and expensive hardware or services.

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