Data Access Security & Governance

When thinking about your data security, of course sharing and storing information are big concerns, especially in online environments, where visibility by unauthorized personnel may compromise valuable and critical business information. However, data cannot be siloed, or it loses its purpose. After ensuring proper security protocols to prevent from unauthorized access, organizations must put in place efficient ways for data do be shared, without sacrificing privacy.

Some organizations can become so burdened with infrastructure management and data security that they are unable to make data accessible across the company efficiently. Being forced to employ separate solutions in their data stack, they are trapped within very complex systems with little customization to data accessibility - if any at all.


SlicingDice's fine-grained security control

SlicingDice was built to ensure organizations could establish a company-wide data-driven culture. This requires making sure everyone can have access and leverage an organization's data. We do this by offering fine-grained data warehouse access control.

Individual custom database keys are used by different users to access the same data warehouse, but seeing different content. They allow organizations to define whether a user with this key can read and/or write data into a database. They can also define which columns and rows a user has access to, which IPs he can use to access the database and even if they need to insert an special condition when querying - literally who can do what, where, from where and how.

SlicingDice ensures proper access with column and row-level precision. This means data can be painlessly spread across organizations, with proper visibility, with a few clicks. Also, the simplicity to define privacy ensures better compliance to privacy protocols, minimizing any risk involving the visibility of sensitive data.

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SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice's for data governance.

Visibility with privacy.

Custom keys and user permissions enable each column and row to be accessed by and only by who must and should access it.

Grant and revoke data access instantaneously.

Edit access controls with a few clicks. Give more or less access instantaneously to any user you have registered in SlicingDice.

Control who can do what, where, from where and how.

Custom database keys filter access by column, row, IP and read/write permission. Permission groups filters Control Panel access.

Full auditing of how your data is accessed and used.

Instant transparent log of users’ actions on the Control Panel. Filter by database, user group and action to better visualize access details.

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