Business Intelligence Importance

The 21st century is recognized as the age of information technology because the amount of data generated every second is huge, so the ability to transform it into business insights and understandable information in a easy and quick way has become a key to success of any organization. And we all know that the real power it's not in the data and information itself, the key lies in changing those Petabytes of data in some valuable insights for your company - here lies the power of using business intelligence.

But what exactly is business intelligence? A very short but the most appropriate definition for BI is: “Business Intelligence is basically timely, accurate as well as actionable insight of business. It also includes the work processes and technologies which are used to obtain these insights.”

If BI is so important, why every company in the world is not leveraging it? One of the problems you might relate with lies in using separate tools and technology suppliers. Each of them with its own contracts, pricing, expertise and integration needs. This greatly increases complexity and costs, while lowering team productivity, since a significant amount of resources is focused on managing those tools separately.


SlicingDice has a simple yet powerful built-in BI solution

Unlike typical databases in the market, The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice offers in a single solution all the fundamental tools used by technical and business people, like DW, ETL, BI and ML, to transform companies' raw data into insightful business-oriented decisions. This avoids all wear and tear of data moving as it keeps all your data centered in one place. And by employing a single product with built-in tools, organizations eliminate the complexity of integrations, different contracts, different bills and staff deviation in order to manage these tools.

By using The All-in-One Data Warehouse your team will be free to focus on more strategic aspects of BI to obtain the shortest time-to-value, and establish a data driven culture in a fraction of cost and time. They can have access to data in real time, as well as create charts and dashboards to embed it in your system - leveraging data visualization.

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Built-in BI Module Technical Capabilities

Check below the most important features present on SlicingDice's Built-in BI Module.

Totally Serverless

Nothing to configure, manage or monitor. Really fully managed.

User friendly BI

Drag and drop Business Intelligence Module for daily data exploration.

Dashboard Creation Tool

Powerful, highly customizable dashboard creation tool.

Email reports

Schedule reports by email for efficient data communication.

Embeddable charts & dashboards

Embed charts and dashboards on any application or even presentations.

Granular data access permission

Column and row-level security data access control.

Integration with other BI tools

Integrate with external BI tools (like Tableau) seamlessly if needed.

Excel add-in

SlicingDice's Excel add-in enables users to use Excel with their data warehouse.

Many visualization possibilities

Charts, graphs, donuts/pies, bars, heatmap, gauge, funnel, wordclouds.

Check how the Logical Data Warehouse works

Below you can find few videos and images about the Logical Data Warehouse.


SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice's data preparation capabilities.


Data integration, preparation, exploration, visualization and machine learning, for a single price. Zero integration and maintenance.

A good enough solution that people will use.

Our BI module contains the core functions needed and that are actually used for BI. You can also integrate any other tool you choose.

Very user-friendly business intelligence.

Combine our robust data visualization module with our visual click-and-drag BI module for a user-friendly but deep analysis.

Guaranteed performance.

Query any dataset of any datatype with any complexity under 10 seconds. SLA-guaranteed.

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