Data challenges in the banking industry

Financial institutions rely heavily focused on transactional databases for their transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, credit card operations and so on. However, they also rely on analytics for a lot of important uses, such as CRM, loan management and even line waiting times. Try to remember that day when your financial institution received a large number of clients requesting these services and your system got slow, failing several times and your customers became angry and impatient with the whole staff, that could have done nothing to solve all of those problems.

Problems when using different solutions

In many cases those situations happens because the system can not handle so many requests to the client’s data at the same time, and when it does it takes too long to give an answer. In many cases the account manager must have to access different databases with very limited information about the client. Not enough to make a, for example, loan decision. Access information from different departments? Not a chance! Impossible to quickly share.

How SlicingDice empower the banking industry

The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice is here to solve all of these problems at once. From performance to data sharing in a very simple way, improving decision making processes and avoid bad decisions. Unlike typical databases in the market, The All-in-One Data Warehouse provided by SlicingDice offers in a single solution all the fundamental tools used by technical and business people, like DW, ETL, BI and ML, to transform companies' raw data into insightful business-oriented decisions. This avoids any wear and tear of data moving, as it keeps all your data centered in one place. And by employing a single product with built-in tools, organizations eliminate the complexity of integrations, different contracts, different bills and staff deviation in order to manage these tools.

Our technology works with compression ratios up to 1/30 of the original data size. S1Search, our engine, compresses data like no other database, providing you with a powerful yet simple platform, with no problem dealing with insertion and query concurrency. The logic here is pretty simple: as we can store data using just a fraction of its original size, the time it takes to process the queries is significantly reduced, as we can keep a lot more data in memory using the same infrastructure.

That's why SlicingDice has a public commitment to execute all your queries under 10 seconds, regardless of its complexity. Since it’s much more efficient in storing data, it costs a fraction of the standard market price. No more big lines, systems going down and clients avoiding your services, which will improve loyalty and increasing your revenue.

SlicingDice Advantage

Few but powerful reasons to start using SlicingDice immediately.

Visibility and privacy

Custom keys and user permissions enable each column to be accessed by and only by who must and should access it.

Secure by design

Combine the security and protocol compliance of cloud providers with our proprietary built-in encryption for maximum safety.

Machine Learning

Predict behavior, financial metrics and even market tendencies with advanced Analytics. Refine predictive model with constant use.

Effortless data integration

Connect to 150+ different sources with our load & sync module. Set up automatic data ingestion and never touch it again.

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