Having slow queries, management complexity and high cost nightmares?

Forget about data warehouse and analytics infrastructure, let us take care of it for you.
Simply store as much data as you need (UNLIMITED) using our well-documented API and have your queries executing always under 10 seconds on really big data and time-series events!

Starting as low as $1 per month. Always free test accounts!

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What is SlicingDice?

An easier and cheaper way to think about data analytics!
SlicingDice is a Data Warehouse and Analytics Database with a completely new way to think about data storage and query for analytics-related jobs and events (time-series) data.

From developers to developers.
Developers want to store and query their data, but they hate having to manage complex data infrastructure, so we do it.
All they have to do is simply store and query billions of real-time and historical data, without managing any infrastructure.
Store your data and make fast queries using our simple API or any of our clients available in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Java, .NET/C#, PHP, and Arduino.

High availability?
Don't worry. We always replicate and backup your data on three different datacenters, located in France, Canada and Germany.

Query speed?
If any query takes longer than 10 seconds to complete, no matter the query complexity or data size, you receive a 10¢ discount on your account for each query.

Data stored so far


API calls in the Past 24h


Simple, cheap and predictable pricing

Our price is clear and simple, based on how many database columns you need to store your data.

Price Comparison Example: (1.1 Billion Taxi Rides dataset)
• SlicingDice: US$ 144.00 per month
• Amazon Redshift: US$ 612.00 per month
• ElasticSearch Cloud: US$ 1,999.00 per month
• Keen IO: US$ 11,000.00, just to start

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How are we better for your data needs?

We want to be the simplest, fastest and cheapest solution for anyone that needs to store and query analytics-related and time-series data, and also needs to perform JOIN and aggregation queries on top of it.

Besides that, we want to use the economy of scale to your advantage and make our platform always more robust and cheaper, what would be impossible to achieve using our our solution on-premises.

Easy to Use
Start storing and querying your data in less than 5 minutes.
Skyrocket Query Speed
No matter the type or size of your data, it will always be fast.
Relax and Focus
Don't worry about servers, storage, etc. Simply store and query your data.

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