Every single customer is important to us

Their customer support is simply amazing. We had problems and they immediately jumped on a video chat with me to explain what I was doing wrong.

Chris Mcintyre

We were impressed with their query speed. We moved from Redshift, that was already fast, but that brought our team a lot of management headaches.

Diego Flores

They told me I could have an embedded analytics solution up and running within 2 hours. I challenged them and I'm happy to say they won.

Sara Miller

13 Billion inserts per day for only $ 1,500 per month.

Large IoT project accelerated with SlicingDice.

Project details

When presented with the opportunity to work with a large government IoT project, this company decided to build their own IoT platform from scratch, which needed to make 13 billion data inserts per day, coming from 150,000 sensors. This was a challenge they were fit to tackle, except for one thing - data. Managing databases and analytics tools was something they had no time, money and expertise for, nor could they afford to invest in experts to solve their problem for them.

Then they found the ideal solution. By employing SlicingDice, they were able to go from nothing to Proof of Concept in 1 day and from Proof of Concept to production in 1 week, without hiring new people. The simplicity of the solution, coupled with it having every tool needed for their project, ensured it was the perfect fit. With this newfound solution, not only they were agile enough to secure the initial contract but also they were able to create a more comprehensive product, that can be implemented in other companies.

  • Customer Feedback

    “SlicingDice enabled us to scale the product without having to scale the team - or costs!”

  • Business Benefits

    Went from Proof of Concept to Production in 1 week

    Real-time business dashboards for 500 users with a single solution

    Costs for Data storage and analytics scale slower than business's growth

  • Technical Benefits

    13 billion insertions per day

    Data Visualization and Machine Learning built-in, no data movement

    Streaming data straight from the sensors, no need for gateway

    Near real-time dashboards

  • Investment & ROI

    Using SlicingDice: $1500/monthly

    Other solutions: starting with $10.000/monthly for storage only; around $30.000/monthly considering Total Cost of Ownership

Other solution $1,200/month. SlicingDice $25/month.

Built fancy analytics into his app, because of SlicingDice.

Project details

After a successful exit of another startup, this solo developer decided to build his own app, aimed at musical education. Being a front-end oriented professional, neither his skill set nor his pockets could accommodate the requirements of established database suppliers, much less could he pay for and operate the tools needed to integrate, visualize and embed data in the context on his application.

However, after a few days of discovering SlicingDice, he was able to build a Proof of Concept, present it to some possible client's and secure some early Letters of Intend (clients that intend to buy the product, if it works as promised). SlicingDice not only enabled him to add value to his product by embedding analytics, but it also allowed him to test its market quicker, meaning he was able to iterate faster and increased his chances of success, which is vital to startups.

  • Customer Feedback

    “SlicingDice made the use of fancy analytics possible for us, early stage startup”

  • Business Benefits

    Embedded analytics in his product, increasing value for clients

    Went to market in a few days, much quicker than expected

    Secured a few solid leads

    Gained visibility on possible new features

  • Technical Benefits

    Very simple to integrate with

    No need for any changes to scale

    Constant support whenever needed

  • Investment & ROI

    Using SlicingDice: $25/monthly

    Other solutions: at least $1200/monthly, besides technical requirements

Legacy applications + SlicingDice = Success

New project alongside legacy applications, using SlicingDice.

Project details

As a technology provider to fashion brands, this company needed an option to upsell their services. Their market is very competitive and innovation is needed to stay ahead. Create a more comprehensive reporting software for their client's would require hiring a new team to manage data and develop in-house not only the application itself, but also it’s reporting features, with an estimated conclusion time of 6 months. All of that without compromising the existing infrastructure.

With SlicingDice they were able to implement the data and reporting aspects of the project within 6 days, from first hearing about the solution to having it completely ready for production. This meant not only they were far ahead of planning but also that their personnel was free to pursue other business goals. Their project greatly improved with this, since they were able to test it with great accuracy, leading to a more polished final product. In the end, their project was done in just 11 weeks, going to market much sooner than expected.

  • Customer Feedback

    “We needed an upsell option, but we did not expect to add SO much more value to it”

  • Business Benefits

    Project finished 15 weeks early!

    Only 2 people required to ready the data environment

    The final product was more polished - 13% more adoption than planned

  • Technical Benefits

    No need to integrate tools or move data

    Database structure can power other projects

    No need to change anything on legacy systems

  • Investment & ROI

    Using SlicingDice: $1,300/monthly

    Other solutions: Around $6,500 for storage and BI tool only, with steep upfront investments for BI licensing. High Total Cost of Ownership, due to the need to hire at least one data scientist

Low cost, hight performance, no worries

Made his company profitable, switching to SlicingDice.

Project details

Seeking to create a better way for companies to manage their digital footprints, this company set out to build a comprehensive digital analysis environment, touching everything from SEO terms to community creation. Needing a robust data infrastructure, they turned to established data warehouse suppliers. What they found were very complex offerings, all of which were impossible to predict costs before payments were due - and those costs were very high no matter the scenario. Moreso, those platforms charge for scaling performance, but do not guarantee it.

After switching to SlicingDice, they could leverage our simplistic approach, predictable and smart pricing and guaranteed performance. They are now assured that their costs with data management will never outscale their revenue. In fact, cost growth won’t even be linear. In due time, flat fees will become negligible, as it should be. Paired with no upfront investments, this means their risk factors are much smaller, they have some free cash flow and are much more likely to get funding for their startup, which now will scale without worrying about data infrastructure.

  • Customer Feedback

    “I thought I would always need to deal with high price and no predictability. I was wrong!”

  • Business Benefits

    Smart pricing - predictable and affordable

    Data infrastructure costs scale much slower than company growth

    Free cash flow from not having upfront investments

    No worries about data when scaling

  • Technical Benefits

    Guaranteed 10-second query times

    All-in-One capabilities enabled different product features for the client

    Zero maintenance, powered on and only went back to add new functionalities

    Very easy to connect to client’s application

  • Investment & ROI

    Using SlicingDice: $100/monthly

    Other solutions: starting around $1,000/monthly and with limited capabilities, that would limit product development

Establishing a company-wide data-driven culture

Started their data journey, with SlicingDice.

Project details

95% of all business decisions are gut-based, without data insights. This client wanted to avoid that and quickly become data-driven on his supermarket chain. Though they already had a local server and were familiar with well-known cloud suppliers, they did not have a large team and could not afford those solutions. Their data was siloed and required a lot of man-hours to become usable.

They came to us looking to consolidate their data, so they could implement BI across the company. By being able to quickly start using our solution and seeing positive results, they motivated their whole team to start making data-driven decisions and are starting to rely much more on data to drive their business. After noticing how easier and faster it was to make decisions when simple analytics were readily available, they were able to see how data could be a huge impact on their business. Sales hit a record high this Q4/2018, while their inventory expenditure keeps shrinking.

  • Customer Feedback

    “I never knew that everyone in my business could use data on daily challenges like this”

  • Business Benefits

    Data is no longer siloed and is shared company-wide

    Business professionals were able to become data evangelists

    Highly improved accuracy on decision-making with clearer data and goals

    ROI improved due to inventory efficiency increase

  • Technical Benefits

    Leveraged our support to a quicker data transformation

    Relied on SlicingDice’s performance to power up their BI

    Easily converted legacy dashboards to real-time

    No need for new software, hardware deployment or training

  • Investment & ROI

    Using SlicingDice: $650/monthly

    Other solutions: about $4000/monthly, not considering personnel and hardware

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