Our experience building a DMP

Check this video from SlicingDice's Founder & CEO detailing how companies are leveraging SlicingDice technology to build their own data management platform and what are SlicingDice's key advantages among other providers.

DMP for startups and Fortune 500 companies

SlicingDice can handle petabyte-scale data collection and queries. There is no infrastructure to manage and you don't need a dedicated team, so you can focus on analyzing data to find meaningful insights for your business. SlicingDice can be used to create a DMP for all sizes of companies, from startups to Fortune 500.

Advantages of using SlicingDice as your DMP data store:

Easily unify all your online data collection and offline databases on SlicingDice.

SlicingDice supports streaming insertions and the data storage is free / unlimited.

All your queries, doesn't matter how many users you have on your DMP, will always complete under 10 seconds.

Important features for a DMP

SlicingDice features and capabilities

Unlimited and Free Data Storage

By selecting our pay-per-column pricing model, you can store as much data (rows) as you need without increasing costs, as you are only charged by the number of columns you have, not by the volume of data you insert.

Read more about our proprietary technology

Totally serverless - No server to manage.

Forget about infrastructure provisioning. We are a serverless solution, which means you don’t need to worry about infrastructure at all. SlicingDice was built for you to spend your valuable time generating insights and value for your business, not managing infrastructure.

Learn more about the reasons for selecting a serverless solution

Streaming Inserts

You can batch load or stream your data to SlicingDice the same way, there is no special configuration or additional costs. All data inserted on SlicingDice is available for querying within 5 seconds after arriving on our servers.

Queries under 10 seconds. Always.

Yeah, you read right: we have a public commitment of making your queries under 10 seconds, doesn't matter how much data you have or how complex is it. If your query is slower we believe it’s our responsibility, not yours.

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No data partitioning needed

You don't have to spend days thinking how to split or model your data in order to store it on SlicingDice. Simply insert your data the way it is and we automatically handle the data partitioning and sharding for you.

Immediate data availability for querying

Any data you insert on SlicingDice, doesn't matter if it was batch loaded or inserted via streaming using our API, will be available for querying within 5 seconds after the API request was received.

Check the docs about Insertion Speed

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